Contraceptives – stop unwanted pregnancy

plan_bContraceptives prevent the risk of unwanted pregnancy and simultaneously control the menstrual cycle of women and unpleasant premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Contraceptives contain synthetic hormones. Contraceptives are strictly individual. The appropriate form for a woman is not helpful to others, says Dr. Patti J.. Ross, a professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive science at the medical school in Houston.

35-year-old ladies, for example, have different needs and desires of 17-18 year old girls should therefore adopt and different contraceptives.

Contraceptives are prescribed only against unwanted pregnancy. They can help with acne, relieve cramps and swelling with heavy menstruation and improve the regularity of menstrual cycle.

Birth control can be replaced with another type of contraceptive, such as mascara. The filament is intra-uterine device, which rotates a number of years.

Contraceptives have side effects on health – should not be forgotten that they are still drugs. Moreover, it is significant that do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. Condoms are the only means to prevent infection through sexual contact.

We offer you a list of contraceptives with some of the signs, which are selected, as it is important to note that konratseptivite be written by a doctor! Prescription of some of them, not just in order to contraception, and is part of the treatment of a condition in women.